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David Palmer is known as the "Father of Chair Massage". He had a vision to make massage therapy available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. He introduced seated massage in the workplace in the 1980's at corporations such as Apple Computers and Pacific Bell. Palmer developed the first portable chairs and adapted the traditional Japanese Amma massage to them to create a highly effective 15 minute chair massage routine.

Using a pattern of applied pressure and percussion techniques adaped from the Amma system, over 60 acupressure points are stimulated. These points are located on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp. Stimulation of these points increases the energy flow (chi) along the pathways (meridians) and allows energy to travel with more strength. Circulation increases and the tension releases.

Healing through relaxation is a big part of the magic of Amma massage. Repeated treatments have a cumulative effect. Therefore, a wellness program which includes regular chair massage is ideal.

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"Wow! What an envigorating way to break up my day! Quick, professional, and thorough."
AXYS Environmental, Calgary

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United Way, Calgary

"Super service and very affordable. Perfect for those of us who are too busy to take time out and relax."
Creative Avenues, Calgary